who we are

In the very heart of Italy is lake Trasimeno, and in the heart of this lake is a tiny piece of land called Maggiore Island, where olive trees glow in the Mediterranean sun. This tiny piece of land, hidden in the middle of a lake in the heart of the region of Umbria, has no cars and only a few tourists. It has given birth to Isola Pura – a line of organic olive-oil products dedicated to the daily care of your body.

Isola Pura offers an excellent selection of nutritional and regenerating formulas made from olive oil and from the processing of olive-tree leaves that come from this pure land.

Isola Pura cosmetics are created with love and purity.

The Isola Pura product line was born first and foremost from Iuri and Chiara’s love for this tiny land, Maggiore Island (get to know us right here). They have worked on the Island and in Trasimeno Lake for a long time, and now want to share the purity of this place through the most wonderful of its products: its green gold.


In 1211, Saint Francis of Assisi spent the 40 days of Lent fasting on Maggiore Island. Legend has it that his footprint can still be seen on one of the rocks in the island.

After he left, a Franciscan convent was built on the island. The first of Maggiore Island’s ancient olive trees were planted by the Franciscan Friars living there.

More than 600 years later, in 1887, the aristocrat Marquis Guglielmi bought the Franciscan convent and transformed it into a castle for his summer residence – planting more olive trees.